Viral Fission launches new campaign for/by youth- #addtoyou


Youth intelligence partner, Viral Fission, which connects the gap between Gen Z and brands, through communications and experiences has announced its community input with a creative campaign named “#AddToYou”.

Glorified as India’s biggest real youth network, Viral Fission, at the recent endurance of 12000+ Gen Z‘s, holds leading key information through the year to propose possibilities, expand perimeters and evolve its carefully curated community.

This campaign will launch with a call to pertain, followed up with a series of brand movies and personal portrayal is driven video series, showcasing Viral Fission’s representatives sharing their experiences and understanding on building their portfolio, putting in brands they love to their CV, developing relations with people across many regions through engagement activities and workshops.

Gen Z internet sensations involving Anuv Jain (a remarkable Musician and Youtuber), Karan Sareen a.k.a gorgeous potato (a Comedian/Instagram Creator), Nagma Naseer a.k.a that all chick (a great Dancer, Comedian/Instagram Creator) and Debanjan Das (a Professional Gamer) for this campaign.

Every creator is symbolic of the whole community and is also planned to narrate their own #AddToYou anecdotes.

The forms are live from the 1st of September and the campaign will play out this month on the social media platforms of various brands. The content revolves around both – the primary set of Viral Fission ambassadors who signed up for this program and creators Gen Z reason with, sharing their journey.

With this campaign Viral Fission seeks to reach out to youth across ampler demography and various interest factions.

Talking about the launch of the #AddToYou campaign, Shreyas Hegde the CEO of Viral Fission, said that the #AddToYou campaign is just an addition to Viral Fission’s idea to always fill gaps between the chances presently exists in comparison to everything that the youth wishes and aspires to obtain.

Their journey from day 1 has been about understanding from the youthful and sharpest minds to create experiences that enhance them as a community

Viral Fission was discovered in November 2019 with the aim, to bridge the gap between the strong youth of India and the brands they love. The core belief is a motivation drawn by the originators from their own theoretical experience and knowledge.

The company seeks at redefining brand salience metrics with or for the youth. Viral Fission delivers a community-based youth system that co-creates remarkable brand experiences.

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