Case Study: Rol on meme marketing is no joke, Viral Fission proves


Know what’s a laughable joke? Meme marketing. But, think about the return on investment. Who’s laughing now? Meme marketing has proved its spirit and rightfully so because it has greatly featured to be the next big thing in marketing.

The youth community of Viral Fission has directed germane conversation and has successfully tied up through memes around Dice Media’s Operation MBBS Season 2. It features Ayush Mehra, Anshul Chauhan, Sarah Hashmi, and many other actors prominent in the OTT space. Keeping an eye on what is trending, who the audience is, and certainly, being funny; the youth community consisting of well beyond 5000 students has played the right game of culture hacking with above 400 memes.

Operation MBBS reveals the uncommon situations about the pandemic taking an angle from the medical line. This web series is a first of its kind in India and it also talks about the influence the medical sector faced when the pandemic struck the face of the world. A plethora of situations unfold into taking new turns in the existence of three protagonists, while they gear up for the most intense 2nd year of MBBS.

With a myriad of meme categories, situational memes were appreciated the most among digital consumers. While all this stays true, there is an intrinsic hazard in terms of meme marketing that is congruent with all forms of marketing. A slip of a finger may make a brand look disconnected from the world and no mercy is shown on the internet. The same marketing strategy was used to boost their over-achievement of intensely spreading the release of Operation MBBS Season 2 to create talks among the digital consumers with the approach of Viral Fission’s youth department.

Joanesca Machado, Lead of Marketing, Pocket Aces, commented that their marketing task for Dice Media’s Operation MBBS Season 2 was to invent conversations among the college communities pan India when talking about the collaboration. He further said that Viral Fission’s campaign assured that their objective was completed via immensely trending formats of content within the current youth communities such as memes. Nano influencers’ episode reviews also aided in the way for organic chatter.

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