Tinder takes an initiative towards educating the youth


Tinder, an American online dating app that has been on everybody’s phone since 2012. No one is unaware of the swipe right and left system that tinder has taught us. It was in 2013 that Tinder swiped right India. 

Ever since then, the Indian youth has been hooked on finding themselves a partner. The app is primarily a commonality in college-going students, especially in metropolitan cities. People have been lucky to find their life partners on this app.

The app also acknowledges the homosexual community and has set up the app so that they too experience the same what others do, considering how the Indian law has just accepted Homosexuality.

In an app like Tinder, there is so much that one can experience. Some good and some bad, and this bad consists of the blurred line that surrounds ‘Consent’. When Tinder could have just slept over the topic, they didn’t because ‘Consent’ is important.

Tinder acknowledges the importance. The consent campaign is the definition of getting to the youth and educating them on the rights and wrongs of behaving during an intimate time between two people.

The campaign also involves a film by Ria Singh which educates the viewers on what consent is and how it is important regardless of the economic background of the people involved or the sexual preference of the people involved.

The film puts out that gay or not gay, or poor or not poor, consent is always a must. The film explains all of this beautifully by elaborating the story of Ria and Ved, and how their beautiful relationship ends due to the lack of awareness Ved had regarding Consent.

Preeti didi’s and Kushie’s story unravels the reality that other communities in our society also face the problems of not getting consent.

Tinder in this campaign took the initiative to elaborate all the details of what consent should be like and when someone is breaching it, on their page. It also educates people on the legal side of what we can or should do when someone breaches our consent. 

This initiative is an eye-opener for men and women around the country and makes us realize where we stand as a society and how we should all work together in bringing up a safe and peaceful environment for us and the coming generation.

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