Vimal Agro Products unveils SWAD’s first TVC campaign


Vimal Agro is one of the largest manufacturers of Mango Pulp in consumer packs. The company has unveiled the SWAD flagship brand’s first-ever TVC campaign. The film, unveiled on the eve of the company’s anniversary (14th October) and festival season, highlights SWAD’s core message of family love and warmth wrapped in food packages with genuine Indian flavors and values.

For over three decades, Vimal Agro Products, which has produced 150+ different products for 45+ countries, has expressed its passion for Indian food with global customers. Their target client includes everybody who likes Indian cuisine, loves packing work-related tiffins, and eats at home after work.

Subhash Chandra Nemani, Chairman of Vimal Agro Products, says, “The task at Vimal was to send SWAD-a Taste of India-to those who left our shores and yearned for the good of our beloved country. Indian food is also becoming popular among foreigners. We will continue to expand our range and improve our products to satisfy ever-increasing and demanding demands, making ‘SWAD’ synonymous with taste and quality.

Talking about the new TVC, Chirag Nemani, Owner, Vimal Agro Products, said, “They decided to present the concept of how to get away from home/family/friends to make a slightly more enjoyable experience of SWAD’s ready-to-eat Indian delicacies. This particular creative showcases stunning packaging, vastly different flavors, and ease of use, where any young person can conveniently access home-like food and taste. The core message in the TVC is very close to the hearts because we strongly agree that sharing affection, gratitude, and displaying true emotions through ‘home-like’ food improves relationships like no other gift! Even with the worldwide pandemic going on, 2020 is a fair realization of how and why we need to appreciate friends and family when they’re still alive. We feel honored as our customers equate SWAD with precious feelings of passion, pleasure, and bliss.

The SWAD TVC featuring actress Onima Kashyap was filmed by creative director Roop Naik. It implicitly portrays how the lead youngster is away from home; her parents and siblings are missing, but she is still pleased with how easily she could cook the mango lassi on her own and what her mother would do at home.


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