Watergen launches products that generate drinking water from air


Water-From-Air is a reality in India as Watergen of Israel has brought its patented technology worldwide through the SMV Jaipuria Group. An Israeli-based company, WaterGen, which developed air-conditioning technology, has announced its strategic partnership with the SMV Jaipuria Group., residential buildings, homes, offices, or any other place where drinking water is required. Its plug-and-play technology can be easily installed using a standard power connection with any other power source. In addition, to support the Government’s ‘Make in India’ vision for job creation, companies have shared their plans to launch a manufacturing sector in India. within a year of its launch. The company demonstrated a wide range of Watergen products, including GENNY, GEN-M1, GEN-M PRO, and GEN-L. With its capacity from 30 to 6,000 litres per day, the price of these products is estimated to start at INR 2.5 lakhs.

At a product launch event and press conference, companies announced that through this partnership, agencies will be launching their Atmospheric Water Generators (AWG) products in India – creating high quality, mineral, air-safe water, everywhere. According to companies – Watergen and SMV Jaipuria Group, “These products will be suitable for schools, hospitals, parks, recreation areas, construction sites, temporary accommodation, villages, residential buildings, homes, offices and any other place where drinking water is needed. “It’s plug and gaming technology can be easily installed using a standard electrical connection or any other power sources. “With equipment installed in more than 90+ countries around the world, Watergen eliminates the need for infrastructure, water transport, and transportation, which ultimately reduces plastic waste and eliminates carbon offsets,” the official statement said.

Mayan Mulla, CEO, of Watergen India, said, “At Watergen, we believe in new technologies that make the lives of our customers easier and easier. India is one of our three strategic markets and in partnership with our partners, we are committed to providing safe drinking water with mineral water in all areas and demographics. With our patented GENIUS technology, we are all ready to meet the growing demand for high-quality industrial and consumer water in India.”

Chaitanya Jaipuria, Director of the SMV Jaipuria Group, said, “As the people of India struggle to find clean, natural water, new technologies from our partner – WaterGen, can provide a game-changing solution. This partnership is a step towards empowering the people of India with the most important need for life namely access to water. We are confident that with WaterGen, we will be able to provide safe and quality drinking water to people in the most remote rural areas, from commercial office buildings to private homes.”.

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