Whiskas launches a new campaign supporting Cat adoption


Whiskas, the Mars Petcare brand, has launched a new advertisement campaign supporting cat adoption. The #BringHomeCuriosity campaign reaches out to people across cities, especially young people, encouraging them to accept a kitten as they make perfect companions for people with busy lives.

The 34-second video, conceptualized by MX Player, opens with a young professional who is busy and lacks interaction with people. She hears a meow while working and spots a kitten at her window. She attempts to draw the kitten’s attention, but she is more interested in a ball of yarn, and around her, she is anxious. She feeds the kitten a packet of cat food from Whiskas-the beginning of a new relationship. The ad ends with the protagonist wrapping a ribbon around the kitten’s neck and putting it on a bed for the cat, making it a part of her family.

The four-week campaign will be aired on MX Player, the entertainment platform, and the brand’s YouTube channel. The campaign will be extended through the social media treatment of Humans of Bombay and other social and interactive media. Whiskas also teamed up for the campaign with actors who are cat owners, such as Gauahar Khan.

Cats, which were not the chosen option as pets, are gaining popularity, Ganesh Ramani, general manager, Mars Petcare, said. Now more than ever, people are turning to them as a source of comfort and companionship during these extraordinary times. Though cat adoption in India has been increasing rapidly, we see a rising trend of pet parents finding the best diet and treatment for their little companions. Still, so many homeless kittens are already out there. Mars Petcare acknowledges this and aims to champion the cause of cat adoption through our brand, Whiskas.

Vivek Jain, Chief Operating Officer, MX Player, said, “MX Player is dedicated to delivering custom-made solutions to brands and marketers that drive multiple goals, whether it is advancing scope, tapping into new and emerging audience bases or providing seamless opportunities for brand integration.” At the root of this ad film is excellent storytelling, which we believe allows for branded content that is impactful. For audiences, it is sure to strike a chord.


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