‘Don’t Be A Heater Hitesh’ latest campaign from Racold


A new digital advertisement,’Don’t Be A Heater Hitesh’ was Launched by Racold’s water heating solutions brand. The campaign is based around the ‘Heater Hitesh’ character, who is eccentric and has a great memory.

The campaign is split into a digital film sequence of two sections that have a humorous plot. The campaign is conceptualized and created by WATConsult, it focuses on two regular habits that one could see in a typical Indian household.

The first film highlights people’s health and hygiene habits to keep themselves healthy from germs, and the second film reveals the nuances that people go through to get hot water at the correct temperature if they don’t have the right water heater. Via ‘Heater Hitesh’, both habits are portrayed comically.

With a comprehensive range of high-quality geysers covering the entire spectrum of water heating solutions, Racold has developed into one of the most trusted water heater brands. By recognizing the consumer’s varying preferences, they have been able to achieve such a wide range.

The two films carry out the main features of Omnis, Racold’s product line. While the first film illustrates the ‘Omnis Lux Plus’ range, the second film focuses on’ Omnis Wi-Fi ‘with an insightful’ Smart Bath Logic ‘feature.

Furthermore, the initiative will spread to digital channels such as Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and OTT apps.

Racold is a brand synonymous with disruptive innovation, be it with our range of revolutionary products or our marketing campaigns, “Vikram Raman, Vice President, Marketing and e-commerce, Ariston Thermo India, said.” He added that this campaign’s main aim is to remind the customers about the specific characteristics of their Omnis collection of water heaters. He is sure that people will enjoy this humor, and ‘Heater Hitesh’ will have a long-lasting effect on people’s minds.

“WATConsult Chief Executive Officer Heeru Dingra said,” The campaign creatively emphasizes the product’s simplicity along with capturing its exclusive collection of features. The videos seamlessly position it as the solution to water heating problems usually experienced in our homes, especially during the winter months. The videos and the lavish protagonist’s humorous tone make our homes feel familiar with the technologically focused product and a more fitting fixture.


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