Center Fresh launches #keepitfresh Campaign


Center Fresh is a global brand that is loved by people worldwide. The flagship brand of PVMI, center fresh, has recently released its latest digital film. With the promotion of this campaign #keepitfresh, the branch urges the young hearts to be more social and happy and not let this physical lockdown affect their social and emotional well being.

The campaign #keepitfresh makes the youth believe the innocence of affection and urges them to attach with someone and bring alive the sensation that creates every person feel warm, special, and hope in life despite every difficulty.

The digital-oriented film is now being promoted through social media platforms like youtube, Facebook, and Instagram. The digital film takes the viewers to the romance of a boy and girl who met one another in an exceedingly virtual classroom. The film starts in a virtual classroom where the protagonists Sid and Niti meet and eventually fall smitten, and their story, like several other stories, travels through small knock jokes and cute interactions, which makes the viewers feel the ardent warmth of affection. During this journey, they ‘keep it fresh ‘by using the sense of sound and sight through their virtual interactions.

Through this digital campaign, center fresh put forth the fact that connections molded through virtual platforms are often equally hopeful and merriest .centre fresh mint enables one to be confident and be their best version even through virtual journeys.

Rohit Kapoor, director marketing (India), Perfetti Van Melle, said that endearingly, their campaign encourages the youth to remain social by bringing alive the worth and luxury of connecting with someone special, even if they’re aloof from us physically. Center fresh mints form a seamless part of this story, helping them seem like their best and assured self for all their virtual meetings.

Saurabh Kulkarni and Shahrukh Irani, group creative directors, Ogilvy Mumbai, said that when physical meetings don’t seem to be possible, what they have tried to capture is making the wait more enjoyable. They find fresh ways to keep the journey interesting. The visuals and also the music of this film brings warm and fuzzy unique feelings.

The campaign conceptualized by PVMI and Ogilvy India, the brand also plans to rope in popular social media influences to inform us how they’re keeping it fresh. The campaign also focuses on bringing online contests for consumers to share their romance stories with its cute and funny sides.


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