White launches marketing solutions service CANVAS


The COVID pandemic has put all brands into a difficult situation. They were forced to pause their various functions due to the lockdown. The marketers have a major role in the resurrection of brands. In this situation, the digital marketing agency, White Digital has launched Canvas. a platform for business services from creative to technology to media.

Brands required many digital and creative operations in this unprecedented situation. But most of the medium and small-scale organizations are unable to do this. These organizations can approach Canvas which has a wide range of flexible services with minimal cost. It offers a complete range of services from Creative, Technology, Insights to Media, and being a prepaid service, it bypasses the lengthy processes of proposals and contracts.

In the current scenario, most of the agencies lost their multiple retainers, because most of the business’s sales went down and they can’t afford these services anymore. Canvas as the name suggests refers to an empty drawing board, nothing added to it, much like a blank contract. The agency brings together many industry experts. Each of these experts comes with a wealth of experience and exposure to critical growth areas thus ensuring a comprehensive way to deal with the business.

Inderjit Singh Matharu, founder and director, Canvas, said, “The purpose of launching a distinct service model under Canvas is two-pronged – one, to help medium and small businesses in their digital journey by delivering high-quality output without necessarily adding to their financial burden, and two – to productize the agency services, allowing businesses to pay-as-they-go and pay-as-used. He said that he believes that this will allow businesses and marketing teams who either had to let go of their agencies or reduce the scope and contract, to continue their marketing activities without any disruption as Canvas offers flexible solutions on a prepaid subscription framework for brands and businesses. He further added, “CANVAS would work well for both the parties, brands wouldn’t have the burden of retainers at the time of a dying economy and yet their marketing needs would be met, and team CANVAS would deliver outstanding work in absence of undue pressure.”


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