Why do we walk away from making the world a better place


War, Politics, Climate change, inhuman, births and deaths, and loss of love are the sequence of being human as the people in this world. Every person has a solution to their problem. But they don’t follow the procedure of that solution on their own. Human rights are not about being human ethics. It is about being the right one for someone. 

One of the magnificent articles by the equivalency and human rights commission delivers the remarkable connection between being free in inhuman. This article allows us through the thoughts beyond this society and the decency in-between freedom and human. So, there is always an ugly in beauty. So do we. We are beautiful as humans, but we are ugly as being inhuman.  

What causes us to portray ourselves as inhuman? 

When the person wants something from someone, they forget to keep the truth between the common that is human. If you have a right to take, then they had it too. If the violence starts with the question mark and ends with the question mark, there is no chance to get the answer. Keeping the promises from when a mother gave birth to this world till death is not the human race. Whatever weight you’ve had on your calendar should make you worth it as a human.  

Congestion in the negotiation of “wants and needs.” 

We might have been sold the inner beauty by changing the causes around us. We took an oath to follow up the mannerism that suits us to make us believe in the content we hold. Maybe we couldn’t be sure about what we need and want. All we have to think about is its worth for the cause. Is it worth the scenario? Is it worth the outcome? Double-check is never needed for us. Doubling the increment is what we needed. So, if you are only concerned about the problems, you have ahead, that seems normal but cruel. Take the solution and look after yourself by making others feels comfortable when you are around. 

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