With an Aggressive Look, Ferrari unveils a new 620bhp Portofino M


Portofino is named after one of the most charming villages on the Italian Riviera.

Ferrari designed the two-door GT Spider from Prancing Horse into a mental Portofino M that comes with the 3855cc V8  award holder engine Ferrari.

In 2018, Ferrari gave world Portofino as the world’s most powerful convertible the Italian car manufacturer ever built. Portofino takes its name from one of the more charming and versatile villages of the Italian Riviera. The company has now grown a two-door GT spider from Prancing Horse into a mental Portofino M, with the award-winning V8 engine of Ferrari’s 3855cc. The “M” in the nickname reflects ‘Modificaata,’ which applies to cars that have grown in Ferrari’s nomenclature and have improved their performance significantly.

The front bumpers are equipped with the air intakes which give the fascia an aggressive look. They now have a modern air vent on the height of a rolling arch, and the total drag will be minimised. The Portofino side punching is signed on the front bumper of the Ferrari Portofino M, sculpted to accentuate the dynamic profile of the vehicle. New aluminium slats and contrasting facial tips are used in the grille. On the back, a new exhaust system, back bumpers redesigned and the rear spreader shows the sporty character of the car separately from the bumpers. Specifically for the Portofino M, diamond-finished rims were made.

The  Ferrari Portofino M displays its stylish GT soul in the top down. A horizontal aluminium centre blade separates the instrument panel and air conditioning and passenger monitor into separate areas in the upper portion of the multi-level dashboard structure. In the below-scooped portion, with the 10,25-inch centre touch screen, the other control functions can be found. The symmetrical arrangement of the cockpit gives the impression that there is a wide rear seat. The HMI (Human-Machine Interface) Ferrari Portofino M is based around a digital cluster that features dual TFT displays around the circular analogue counter.

With a newly redesigned retractable hardtop, it can now be opened or shut down at a slower speed in just 14 seconds, making it even easier.

Portofino M is a 3855cc V8 turbocharged engine that makes available on standard Portofino a maximum torque of 760Nm and 620bhp, 20Bhp above power from regular Portofino. This power unit is connected to a new dual-clutch eight-speed transmission box and allows Portofino M to travel in 3.45 seconds between 0 and 100kph. Five different driving modes — Wet, Comfort, Sport, ESC-Off and Race — offered by Ferrari GT.


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