With new features NPCI strengthens RuPay contactless


National Payments Corporation of India has announced that it has introduced RuPay contactless or offline feature, which also provides prepaid wallets within RuPay Card, for day-to-day transit payments. National Payments Corporation of India has also introduced RuPay offline feature for retail payments on an experimental trial. These extra features will boost the overall transaction experience for the RuPay cardholders and transform the overall card payment ecosystem.

This offline RuPay card comes with a prepaid wallet feature where customers can add money to ensure quick and seamless transactions without any problem even if they witness poor connectivity at the point-of-sale machines. The RuPay NCMC contactless wallet can be used to make ticket payments in places including train, taxi, bus .etc by allowing automatic quick cashless payments, thereby, eliminating the wait time and in turn the transit time. These transactions are faster than a regular card transaction and work better.

According to Nalin Bansal, Head of RuPay & NFS, National Payments Corporation of India, they are delighted to unveil the new RuPay offline feature which is aimed at changing the transaction experience for customers by deploying enhanced Near-Field-Communication technology and innovative card payment solutions and confidence that with RuPay contactless (offline) feature, the acceptance infrastructure for RuPay will increase aggressive and will result in the rapid onboarding on both merchants and consumers in various geographic areas across India. With the recent report related to raising the transaction limit on contactless offline payments, customers are set to see a new level of security, convenience, and safety. National Payments Corporation trust that the RuPay contactless offline feature will make the digital payments ecosystem stronger by furthering financial inclusion and help realize the dream of a less-cash economy.

This RuPay contactless offline facility would be an uplift for merchants as it minimizes physical payments time to tap and go mode and it’s easy acceptance infrastructure facilities simple payments in areas of poor network coverage. National Payments Corporation of India was incorporated in 2008 as an umbrella organization for operating retail payments and settlement systems in India. The National payment corporation of India has created a and robust payment settlement infrastructure in the country.


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