With the new update, Instagram allows advertisers to create posts from a user account


Instagram, an American photo and video sharing social networking service owned by Facebook has announced that by the new update, Instagram is allowing advertisers to create sponsored advertisements from the user’s account.

Instagram has introduced the branded content advertisement last year as a way for influencers to identify when is their post going to be sponsored by a brand or a company. Till today, the branded content advertisement is only possible for the users those who are promoting their posts from the creators. “Instagram is now launching a new workflow where advertisers can create branded content advertisement without the need for the creators to post organically on Instagram first,” the company said.

Instagram is focusing to make it more flexible for their customers. Instagram made their content advertisement more flexible and made it available for their customers to access with fewer constraints. Instagram has designed their new process with creator control in mind, and the creators can pause or can approve any advertisement published from their handle.

Instagram has made a very successful update recently. Instagram brought a new video sharing method called reels into the market. It has got wide appreciation from the customers. Appreciation has mainly come from the TikTok users, where they face a ban in the Indian market due to some safety features. The introduction of reels was very successful, and it satisfied many of the TikTok customers. Earlier Instagram made their reels available to record and edit for 15- seconds and later with the new update they made it as 30- seconds.

Instagram has introduced the ability to promote branded content posts with product tags for their businesses. Instagram wants the brands to have access to organic stores creative that it was native and authentic to their stories experience, with the new update the brand can get more value out of this content and thus can makes it easy for people to shop directly from the creators that inspire them Instagram said.

The movement for the new update by Instagram will also help the people who are badly affected by the recent outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic. It helps people to market their product up to a limit. Instagram is mainly focusing on small businesses and encouraging people to adapt to new normal.


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