Wow Skin Science: Strengthening the Consciousness Drive


As environmental awareness grows, consumers are aware of their choices and are actively adopting eco-friendly methods.

Ethical, responsible and sustainable consumer behavior is becoming the first choice for many people around the world.

FMCG personal care brand WOW Skin Science, owned by Body Cupid Pvt Ltd and participating in the sustainability epidemic, has launched a best-selling vitamin C facial cleanser paper tube packaging initiative. Manish Chowdhary, Co-CEO, Body Cupid Pvt Ltd shares a new initiative called #EkChhotiSiShuruaat on how brands aim to reduce the use of plastic in their sources.

It also emphasizes the commitment of a sustainable future evolving brand that is different from competition, marketing strategies, future plans and more.

What is behind the new initiative to use paper tube packaging for facial cleansers? There is a new perception of clean life and clean beauty.

As a company, we are always very environmentally friendly and expect more and more consumers to move to clean, ethical and sustainable beauty in 2022.

That’s why we take the #WOWGreenHands initiative to raise environmental awareness and promote our vision of becoming a truly green and positive plastic brand.

One of the first strategies of this initiative was to innovate product packaging.

We have developed a package that uses recycled materials to maintain ease of use. After a thorough investigation of the packaging materials, we decided on a paper-based tube. It is 100% recycled paper and is based on virgin kraft paper that can be recycled for future use.

The first product launched in this package is the best-selling WOW Skin Science Vitamin C Brightening Face Wash.

Introduced in the #EkChotiSiShuruwaat campaign. Here we talk about recycling and show you how to creatively reuse used paper. We are also introducing a new paper tube package, which is an innovative plastic positive package.

Reduce plastic consumption-Reduces tube sleeve plastic by 45%. We plan to extend this approach to our product portfolio based on market reaction.

The journey to sustainability has begun for us, but it is a difficult journey because there are many aspects to consider before it becomes truly sustainable.

Our products are already clean and vegan and contain active ingredients from organic sources. Now we must take more environmentally friendly initiatives to reach our sustainability goals.

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