YAAP win the mandate for the global construction software company Zepth


The mandate for the global construction software company Zepth has won by YAAP and will be tasked with building and expanding Zepth’s communication and digital presence. The improvement or the development of social media, digital media channels, brand, and communication will also be included. The founder and CEO of Zepth said that they are excited to set out on a journey with YAAP as their creative and digital partners. Zepth put all its focus on its aim to change the world of construction software through the process of disruptive innovation. He pointed out that YAAP will play a very important role in helping them achieve their goals with the help of their digital and creative expertise.

The partner at YAAP, Manan Kapur said that their goal with Zepth is to help them to become one of the biggest construction management software in the world. It was an exciting experience for YAAP throughout the journey with Zepth so far. They pointed out that it is great to work with someone who shares the same goal as them with the same amount of passion and creative mindset and there are also looking forward to the work that would come through their partnership.

The pandemic that causing threats through these times which makes all most every kind of company is even right now have taken heavy damage even still this indicates that the companies are not giving up and they are constantly trying out new ideas so that they can grow even in these harsher times. Planning out new effective strategies like joining companies might be the most appropriate method to survive in these times.

The company Zepth’s choice of doing and accomplishing their goal with the help of YAAP might be what it takes to take the lead in the marketing system of the nation. Zepth is a construction project management platform that enables the tracking of project finance throughout the construction’s cycle of life. This company enables a seamless and transparent experience by creating value through cost savings and time. Thus, a company like YAAP would be perfect for their collaborative work. The new idea could bring about new possibilities for the construction of new software shortly that could help the company and the people greatly. Thus they show us to be innovative and creative.     


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