Yellow Seed’s #10SaalkiKahaani in collaboration with WWW


The award-winning #contentfirst agency Yellow Seed Content Company turned 10 recently. It has been an incredible roller coaster ride from what began as a “Let’s do this!” conversation over breakfast to becoming a content solutions company that works with marquee clients across sectors (agencies and brands alike). Turning 10 also meant stepping things up a notch. 

What sets Yellow Seed different is its reputation for people-first policies and having a varied group of people who contribute a variety of ideas. Diversity of thinking is what drives this team, which includes certified accountants working in design, history majors managing business jobs, and a few departments headed by “all women” teams. 

It should come as no surprise that their decision to collaborate with India’s top “all-women rap collective,” Wild Wild Women, to tell their narrative looked like the ideal choice. The lyrics, which are aptly titled #10SaalKiKahaani, embody their culture and commitment to content. The multilingual song exemplifies the team’s variety, talent, and crazy. 

Aashutosh Katre, Director of Yellow Seed, said on the journey over the past ten years, “The content market was still developing in 2012 when we established Yellow Seed. For us, it has been a thrilling period filled with inspiration and knowledge. Having said that, we have encountered our difficulties and made blunders. We concluded that no one else could have captured our bizarre journey until we found into WWW. Our 10 Saal Ki Kahaani couldn’t have been better captured as we read the upcoming chapters. 

Speaking of the partnership, the Wild Wild Women crew had the following to say: “Being able to collaborate with the full Yellow Seed team was a genuinely enjoyable experience for us. We had very specific goals from the beginning, and it was amazing to have the team’s participation and presence during the process of writing the song and making the music video. We are grateful to Team Yellow Seed for this fantastic opportunity.” 

Yellow Seed has worked with numerous companies and top agency networks over the past ten years in a variety of industries, including automotive, banking and finance, digital marketing, entertainment, logistics, real estate, and technology. 

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