YouTube to reveal ad viewer data to advertisers


YouTube, the video channel of Google Inc. is planning to provide advertisers stats around their ad impressions on the platform. The internet video service has received frequent complaints regarding the number of ads on the platform that can be viewed by users.

The report allegedly cited references to unnamed people who are familiar with the plans of YouTube. As per the sources, the company will partner with third party verification groups to add their ad measurement tracking code on the website. This will let them gather the data on the position and context of the ads.

This feature is expected to be launched by this year end. Also, it is expected to attract the verification companies such as DoubleVerify, ComScore and Integral Ad Science.

This plan is in a response to those complaints that were raised by the advertisers such as Kellogg Co and Unilever. On Sunday, YouTube stated that the viewability has been a great concern for the users. It stated that they are committed to meet all the measurement needs of their clients via a combination of industry partnerships and product innovation.

It is also stated that further efforts will be planned and that it will take the feedback of the clients into consideration as the new solutions will be rolled out.

Google already provides an in-house measurement system known as Active View to test whether these ads are seen or not. In May this year, the company published a study of the viewability of its ad networks such as YouTube and DoubleClick. The average viewability of the video ads on the web was around 54 percent, whereas the same contributed by YouTube was 91 percent.

A video ad will be considered viewable only when at least half its pixels are visible on the screen for a minimum of two consecutive seconds.


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