Zed Black launches its new TVC starring Hrithik Roshan


The leading agarbatti and dhoop brand, Zed Black rolled out its new TVC starring the Hollywood icon Hrithik Roshan as the brand ambassador. The video was launched as part of the marketing campaign for Manthan Premium Sambrani Cups.

Zed Black is one of the top three agarbatti manufacturers and exporters in India. Zed Black is a flagship company under MDPH, one of the leading FMGC companies in India. MDPH owns household companies like Zed Black, Manthan, Orva, and Coach and also has a wide range of quality products like Agarbatti, Dhoopbatti, Mosquito Coils, Hand Sanitizers, Hand Wash, Essential Oils, Edible Oils, Packaged Tea, Natural Hair Color, Soya Chunks, and Confectionary.

 The TVC launched as part of the Manthan Zaroori Hai campaign unveils the Bollywood star Hrithik Roshan in a traditional look taking about the Manthan Premium Sambrani Cup that is made from the natural and pure guggal that gives the feeling of a mini hawan at home. The TVC was conceptualized by Oberoi IBC to capture the functional essence related to the product which is happiness, hope, and a sense of deeper connection with oneself and with the divine power.

The leading brand reminds people to allow themselves to have a moment of peace and deep connection within, with Manthan Sambrani cups that create an aura of mini hawan at home. The new campaign Manthan Zaroori Hai aims to go beyond the traditional definition and believes that one has to introspect and go beyond the ordinary path to attain success, peace, and happiness. Manthan Premium Sambrani cups are a great source of mixed aromatic herbs that helps to clear out negativity and impurities in the environment.

Hrithik Roshan on his association with the brand said that “in our country aromas play a significant role in stirring emotions and the alliance is deeply mindful and identifies the needs, demands and wants of the Indian household”. The director and partner of MDPH Group, Anshul Agarwal commented that for the last 29 years, the flagship brands under the MDPH group, Zed Black and Manthan have been promoting Indian ethos and values through their wide range of soothing fragrances. He also added that by joining hands with Hrithik Roshan the brand aims to create a nationwide presence.

The managing director of Oberoi IBC, Anand Oberoi said that “Zed Black has wonderfully grown to be one of the best incense brands in our country and the new campaign featuring Hrithik Roshan would take the brand to new heights”. The campaign featuring the Bollywood star would be aired on all digital platforms and in major prints and is all set for an exciting festive season.

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