Zingbus, India’s fastest growing tech-enabled bus travel start-up, has announced the launch of a new advertising campaign dedicated to the essence of friendship. The ad fits perfectly with the concept of hassle-free travel, positioning the brand as everyone’s “favorite travel partner” across India. Zingbus is an emerging brand in the long-distance bus industry that aims to provide an affordable and dignified travel experience. India’s fastest growing inter-city mobility start-up aims to provide users with safe, reliable, and affordable travel across India, leading the way in India’s inter-city travel experience. Raise the bar. Vision: We are determined to develop technology for the next step in improving the travel experience and expanding our services to new regions. We stand by: we are all We have a team of verified and experienced staff dedicated to meeting the needs of our customers.

Zingbus, one of India’s leading travel start-ups, has expanded its services in West India, Maharashtra, Gujarat, and briefly connecting parts of Madhya Pradesh and Karnataka. With this expansion zingbus now connects 100+ cities across Delhi (UT), Punjab, Haryana, Jammu (UT), HP, UP, Uttarakhand, Rajasthan, Maharashtra, and Gujarat through thousands of daily connections.

The brand slogan “Ab Safar Karo Befikar” fits the advertising theme perfectly. Offering attributes like affordable prices, comfortable seats, charging points for your devices, on-time delivery guarantees, free his Wi-Fi, such as luggage tags, ensure a glamorous and memorable ride so each time. Showing typically builds trust with our customer base and ensures a safe travel experience. We are overwhelmed by the encouraging feedback we receive from our clients, and these valuable insights influence the concept of our advertising campaigns.

We are thrilled to have created an ad like this that represents strong friendships and the cheapest and safest way to travel, especially for our female customers. This encourages them to travel with zingbus with confidence.

Since its inception, zingbus has established a strong position in the long-distance bus travel market and continues to provide its users with excellent service and dedication to ensure safe and reliable travel options. Additionally, the brand provides customers with an additional safety net to cover all trips with the launch of complimentary travel insurance.

The founders believe that as this network grows, customers will have more options with the flexibility to drive direct sales, creating a strong differentiator for operators seeking broader networks and connectivity. Additionally, the company wants its passengers to experience amenities such as thoroughly cleaned buses, live tracking, no cancellation fees, free Wi-Fi, comfortable seats and fully air-conditioned buses on board.

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