Zomato delivers Pizza’s love letter


Zomato has actively using its social platforms to make the brand relevant by entering the marketing of momentum. When PUB-G and 118 other Chinese apps were banned in the Indian government by early September, their users received a pun-ny push message.

When the ‘rap’ remix of a scene from the Hindi GEC series Saath Nibhana Saathiya by music producer Yashraj Mukhate was trending in late August, Zomato also stepped in on the trends. As India seeks to release fuel, steam rises again. In April, food supplier giants Zomato and Swiggy announced a 70% decline in revenue during the lockdown. Consumers were deeply influenced by fear.

It all started with Cravings. Zomato has found a way to include some information about the success of this dish by noting that more than 90,000 restaurants throughout the country have endorsed it and that over 44 times lakh has been directed during locking up.

Fresh ad strategy style of Zomato. The post first appeared on a feed of a Linkedin member and they admitted that when they saw the subject, they made a double appointment. The advertisement initiates with the name “The CV” where  they list its dish as an aromatherapist and an experienced ‘nap inducer.’

 After sending The CV for Biriyani-Zomato ‘s new mailer promotion, it reminds users of the unique position pizza has in their hearts.The other one With the subject line-‘ Love letters are delivered to you by Pizza! os, the subscribers’ inboxes have found a path to the email program. Clicking on the button “Order Now” brought us to Zomato, where restaurants serving pizza have been seen in and around the city.

There are endless memes on the internet that are eloquent about how pizza would never cheat you, let you down, or harm you in any way. This was the theme of the latest Zomato mailer campaign. With guarantees to be extra cheesy and to offer flavor, no matter what the mood of the user was, the email advertisement struck a chord.

This is the third email campaign to embody health. On September 24, a Zomato postman with the subject line ‘Biryani and 3 others are trailing you’ landed in our box telling us how those foods would have if they were on Instagram in the social media. The biomass was packed with jokes and the usernames that were chosen did not fail.


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