5 HR Tech Startup with Disruptive AI Technology for Recruitment


Artificial intelligence (AI), which employs software and procedures to simulate human intelligence, permits the disruption of the most varied segments. After all, a BBC Research survey found that this sector has risen by 20% annually on average over the past five years.AI is not expected to take over the role of the recruiter, the value of the interview, our human empathy, or the occasional twinkle in a candidate’s eye. This field deals with interpersonal interactions, hence it won’t be easily replaced. Using chatbox technology to automate business procedures and introducing cloud-based sharing and collaboration tools in your workplace are two tech solutions that can help your HR function run smoothly. An incentive scheme also aids in producing improved job satisfaction, which raises productivity.
We have narrowed down the list of 4 HR tech startup that clout the technology to revolutionize HR industry:

iXceed Solutions:  iXceed Solutions is a leading Talent and Workforce Solutions service provider to Fortune 500 companies globally focussing on Technology, IT Consulting, Engineering Consulting domains. iXceed has been functioning as one of the leading end-to-end recruitment solutions Internationally(UK), now operational in the Indian market.

It uses an efficient and robust process to develop solutions in the recruitment space. The facilities are primarily tech-skill-based, and customer satisfaction is always based on the best fit for the industry. The company uses Artificial Intelligence-based recruitment solutions to create a best-in-class experience for both the clients and candidates. Some of their clients are- Infosys, HCL, Oracle, Mindtree, NIIT, etc. It is co-founded by Yogita Tulsian, who is also its Director.

Instahyre: AI-enabled Instahyre is helping Fortune 100 companies and unicorn startups to up their recruitment game. Instead of having to waste hours on applying filters to search for the right candidates and then checking if they are interested, Instahyre provides the recruiter with a curated list of candidates ready for hire from its premium database through their technology Instamatch.

Zappy hire:

Deepu Xavier and Jyothis KS founded Kochi-based startup ZappyHire in 2020 to help recruiters get a 360-degree view of the candidate in order to make informed decisions.It automates the recruitment process by letting artificial intelligence (AI) take care of tasks such as identifying the right resume from the large corpus, scheduling, and pre-screening sessions, including video interviews.


Founded by Raj Das in 2020, California-based startup Hirect is a chat-based direct hiring platform for high-growth startups. It has a smart AI matching algorithm, direct chat, and verification that enables you to schedule an interview within 30 minutes.Hirect is designed to make the hiring process instant, especially for startups and tech jobs. Currently, Hirect lists jobs in the top 10 cities in India, such as Bengaluru, Chennai, Gurugram, Hyderabad, Kolkata, Mumbai, Noida, Delhi, and Pune


Darwinbox is a cloud-based HR solutions firm. An end-to-end HR platform, Darwinbox offers solutions for recruitment, core HR processes, employee engagement, performance management, employee movement, and others.The platform’s AI engine allows a recruiter to analyze a job description and employee profile picking up keywords to arrive at a certain ranking metric. So, if there are 400 applicants for a job, the system will shortlist about 10-15 applicants for the recruiter to talk to, which saves time, increases productivity, reduces costs, and results in better talent acquisition. The three-year-old firm serves over 100 clients, including Paytm, Ekart, Spencer’s, Delhivery, and others.


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