Parle G partners with Redwolf to launch the Genius merchandise collection


Mumbai, 20 September, 2022: Parle Products, India’s leading biscuits, snacks and confectionery manufacturer, has partnered with Redwolf, an indie clothing label to introduce the Genius merchandise collection featuring the nation’s most loved biscuit Parle G. Through a fresh take on deepening brand association with its flagship product, the collaboration is the brand’s first merchandise line and is aimed at offering a nostalgic sensory recall to consumers, for whom Parle G is a companion that has been with them since childhood.  The range of products includes the official Parle-G Dipping Mug, Genius Diary, Genius Phone Grip, Chai-Love Coaster and Tote Bag. 

Conceptualized by creative agency Please See, the move springs from the  observation that in India, Parle-G is more than just a glucose biscuit. It’s an emotion deeply ingrained in the hearts of Indian families that has earned itself a special place in every home as a national icon. It strives to drive innovation, where consumers can relate and recall with their own the Parle G journey making it a part of everyday personal use items. As a 93 year old brand, Parle has always resonated with innovation and agility. Using the festive time to launch the collection, it intends to add to the festive cheer while giving consumers a vibrant range of products. 

Speaking on the launch, Mayank Shah, Sr. Category Head, Parle Products, said, “Parle G is fondly known as ‘Desh ka apna biscuit’. This sentiment is a result of decades of consumer trust and satisfaction with the brand, which, over the years, has woven itself into the fabric of Indian households. You will get a Parle G story from every nook and corner of the country across consumer categories. To further accentuate this brand experience, we decided to collaborate with Redwolf to embody this spirit of Parle across an array of household and daily use products. Parle G is deeply embedded in the lives of the consumers and we hope its first merchandise line will evoke similar emotions that consumers can resonate with.

Commenting on the collaboration, Pritha Sahai, Co-founder & Creative Director at Please See, added, “The Parle-G girl is an Indian design icon. In a world where we’re looking to define popular culture, who better than her to be a hero. Therefore, using her and the biscuit are two things every Indian will not only collect, but relate to.”

The merchandise can be purchased online at: 


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