5 mind-blowing features of MySQL 8


Cloud SQL, a completely managed database service that enables a setup, maintenance, and management of any server-based PostgreSQL and MySQL databases, now supports MySQL8 which features critical performances as well as great advancements.

Cloud SQL is hosted on Google Cloud Platform and offers a database framework for applications that run anywhere and MySQL8 gives access to a range of new eyebrow-raising features like privilege collection using roles, features that help in great productivity like extended JSON syntax, global data dictionary, optimizer hints, invisible indexes and so on. 

Cloud SQL ensures that MySQL8 features help the users to stay more safe, fast, and firm. Users receive automatic updates and improvements and maintenance controls that enable users to reduce the risk related to upgrades. Moreover, the fully integrated functionality with the configuration and security controls of the high availability of Cloud SQL will ensure that the MySQL8 database instance is ready for the enterprise.

  • Fast availability and recovery from disasters

MySQL8 on Cloud SQL, allows high availability (HA) to ensure that the workloads of the database are instantly fault-tolerant in case of an instance-level problem or even an interruption of the zone. Cross-region MySQL8 replication is enabled across all Google Cloud zones. This feature simplifies customer service and, by reducing business continuity problems, makes the interaction a better one.

  • Security

Cloud SQL is developed to have several uncomplicated security layers, whether the user is trying to secure the data or comply with regulations. Data encryption is a fundamental function, so by default, Cloud SQL encrypts data stored. The user can use the private services access and VPC Service Controls to secure connectivity to MySQL 8 instance. Private access to services gives a private IP address to the database case, using the Google Cloud VPC.

  • Roles

This is essentially an acronym for a privilege series, so users don’t have to recall to grant insert, change, delete, select, or choose enough for these analytics clients. Just grant the task of ‘analytics’ and one would be ready to go.

  • Invisible index

Users can effectively disable an index before removing it to check if it causes any damage once it is removed. When the user renders an index invisible, it is still managed normally, but it is not permitted to be used by the optimizer.

  • Ready to build

Using the Cloud SQL Proxy, the connection management integration with Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE) combines powerful availability and these security features to quickly create a scalable and fault-tolerant system. The Cloud SQL Proxy automatically encrypts connections without the need to configure SSL manually and allows link from GKE easy.

MySQL 8 support has been a top demand from users. The goal behind MySQL 8.0 release is to make MySQL ideal for use in modern apps. MySQL is DataBase Management’s most common open-source framework which has implemented the latest advancements.


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