77% Indian consumers ready to invest in companies that do good: Kantar


Kantar, the world-leading data, insights, and consulting company has released the primary conclusion from a replacement study exploring what sustainability means to Indian consumers.

Kantar’s Asia Sustainability Foundational Study has examined about 10,000 consumers in over nine countries within the region, including India, to know their interests and priorities. India, a country that has faced numerous socio-economic issues, resource scarcity, and environmental challenges, the issues closest to home take priority for consumers.

Regardless of these challenges as a developing nation, the concerns of Indian consumers have transformed their basic rights, as sustainability issues are connected with their daily lives. The highest 5 sustainability concerns of Indian consumers are • pollution • Poverty and hunger • Deforestation • Lack of access to healthcare and vaccinations • pollution.

Consumers expect food brands to avoid over-packaging and discourage wastage. To build up a competitive advantage during this category, brands need a reputable back story around the “farm to fork” journey of their products – and to show that they are taking steps to reduce the impacts of intensive farming like the over-use of pesticides. The worth Action Gap Though most Indians express willingness to spend time and money to support companies that benefit, the Value-Action Gap continues to be significant, with consumers often failing to act on these good intentions.

Head of Kantar’s Sustainable Transformation Practice, India Paru Minocha said, “India’s stage of growth and increasing consumer awareness regarding sustainability gives a huge possibility to create commercial value and address environmental and social issues. Consumers try to seek out brands that have a social and environmental purpose, so from a marketing standpoint, the aim is imperative, and sustainability will potentially drive consumer choice. For the first time, through this foundational study, we are able to identify which sustainability issues consumers care about most and also the way that should translate to action betting on the client category. The immediate task ahead is to hunt out levers to unlock this behavior change.”

Jonathan Hall, Managing Partner, Kantar Sustainable Transformation Practice, added here, ” During this fashion, a brand can help people accord their actions with their sustainable beliefs and shut the Value-Action Gap.”

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