Accel launches platform: SeedToScale


Top tier venture capital firm in India Accel has released an open-source resource hub known as SeedToScale to assist entrepreneurs to scale up their ventures from the seed level. The platform will collectively offer, first, understanding in terms of blogs and podcasts from founders across distinct areas; second, a curated programme of founder’s preference that might offer masterclasses, peer-to-peer learning, coworking spaces; and third, events and programmes within the SeedToScale community for startups to join and partner. 

Being an open platform, technology entrepreneurs can leverage the services free-of-cost and without any eligibility criteria. The platform could have over 300 founders such as Freshworks’ Girish Mathrubootham, Swiggy’s Sriharsha Majety, Abhiraj Singh Bhal from Urban Company, CureFit’s Mukesh Bansal, Portea Medical’s Meena Ganesh and extra supporting and engaging with early-level entrepreneurs. 

Anand Daniel, Partner, Accel told that if we want to do a startup in India, we don’t realize where should go first and what should come to our thoughts. There is no one place to dive clearly in. We desired to see if we can pull that all together. We need to democratize knowledge and make it available to all of us wherever they are. There are so many stages to building a startup and we are making these action playbooks for each level. Around 3,000 startups are coming every year in India and we need to empower them without or with Accel being involved. 

The platform offers a programme called Founder Stack for SaaS and consumer technology startups to scale toward having product-market fit under two tracks — SaaS Stack and Consumer Tech Stack. Accel has already run a pilot for SaaS Stack.  

There is no equity involved for startups to dilute while it would assist not simply Accel but others worried to have a first-rate deal flow pipeline. The platform is to share knowledge with everybody and once they emerge as goods startups, either we or any one of us in the ecosystem can look to fund them. It is about getting the inspiration right SeedToScale is presently focusing on technology startups customer internet, enterprise, B2B, health tech, and fintech regions. 

Accel was started in 2005 in Bengaluru and has so far made 169 seed investments and labored with 340 founders of groups which have a combined market cap of over $50 billion presently, the VC firm stated in a weblog announcing the launch of the platform. 


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