McDonald’s ‘The Big Hug’ in the times of social distancing


McDonald’s launches its latest campaign ‘The Big Hug’ in the times of social distancing. The campaign underlines people’s longing for hugging their dear and loved ones in the new norm of social distancing.

McDonald’s India North and East have released its ‘The Big Hug’ campaign emphasizing people’s desire and longing to hug their dear ones during social distancing. As part of this campaign, the company has introduced double patty burgers which has two patties squeezed together in one tight hug, and are so named as ‘Big Hug’ burgers. The campaign is conceptualized by DDB Mudra.

Robert Hunghanfoo, head, Connaught Plaza Restaurants operates McDonald’s restaurants in North and East India (CPRL) said, “With this new campaign, we are bringing new ways to our customers so that they can enjoy the burgers they love and to engage with them uniquely and differently. By offering double patty variants in the McDonald’s favourite menu items, we can better reach out to them. We hope and believe our customers feel the tight hugs with the Big Hug Burger, just as our patties are squeezing each other closely and tight”.

We are all living in a situation and moving through a time, where none of us know when we will get to freely give our dear and loved ones a hug as a gesture of showing our love for them, be it appreciation or greeting. While the whole globe is going through this hard reality, McDonald’s has come up with its latest variant of burgers that are made out of this very longing desire of hugging for its brimming fans. It’s a scheme that is as heartfelt as it is yummy”, said Ashutosh Sawhney who is the Managing Partner of DDB Mudra Group, North.

The digital films revolve around two of the most noted habits such as video calling our loved ones and twinning with them. And also sharing OTT subscription with your friends. The brand has introduced double patty burgers in its all-time favourites like McAloo Tikki, McSpicy Paneer, McSpicy Chicken, McVeggie, McChicken, Filet-O-Fish, and delicious Dosa Masala burgers, which has got two patties squeezed together in one tight hug. Starting at INR 59, the new double patty variants are without any doubt every burger lover’s delight.


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