Infinity Ride 2020 creates awareness for Para-Sports


The Ongoing Infinity Ride 2020 by the Aditya Mehta Foundation has so far covered nearly 31 cities. Aditya Mehta who is India’s first-ever para cyclist along with the country’s para-cycling team reached Bangalore as part of their mission to spread awareness about para-sports. Their journey covers a distance of 3842km which includes 36 cities. This is a 45-day challenging cycling ride from Kashmir to Kanyakumari.

During their journey, the riders have so far visited many schools, NGOs to interact and inspire children and specially-abled people.

One of the events happened on Saturday following their arrival at the city hub at Koramangala, Karnataka where the interaction of the team at “The Mitti Cafe” which is a famous café chain fully run by the specially-abled people.

Aditya Mehta who is the founder of Aditya Mehta Foundation and also a holder of Limca Book of Records, who is currently on a mission to create Indian para-sports champions, said that they are delighted to visit and speak with the people at Mitti Cafe. He added that they are also specially-abled persons and they spent time with the specially-abled staff’s working at the cafe and spoke with them about the para-sports and how each of them can go to the next level by sharing their stories and journey from their life experiences to encourage and motivate them.

They also explained to them, what it means to play for India and how it feels when they win a medal for the country.

In a free interaction, the cyclists shared their life-changing experiences with the specially-abled cafe workers, and further, they highlighted the fact about how sports have not only empowered them but as a sportsperson representing our country has given a meaning to each of their lives.

Darshana Nahata, who is the Creative Head at Mitti Cafe, said that the people at the Mitti Cafe enjoyed speaking with the para cyclists. She said that for her, inclusion means acceptance of the persons with disabilities in all aspects of work and making them feel loved in this space.

Their further journey is to Tamilnadu through Dharmapuri and will reach their final destination, Kanyakumari on December 31.


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