A giant leap for RJio: 6.1 million additions


The telecom industry in India is highly competitive. Certain companies providing the cheapest service in the world make the survival of telecom companies tough. So, the data of TRAI released and changes in the graph of tele-sector is always looked up to.  

As per the latest report released by TRAI (Telecom Regulatory Authority of India), Reliance Jio is on the lead by increasing its business at a great momentum in July.  

Reliance Jio has 6.1 million active wireless subscriber additions in July, while Bharati Airtel has an addition of 2.3 million active users. As per the data from July, Jio has 346 million users.  Airtel also touched 346 million users in July, though its growth rate was less in July. Now they are head-to-head sharing the same position in the share market also.  

VodafoneIdea is still jeopardized. There is a diminish in the number of active users. However, the rate of decline is smaller than that of June. Although the Supreme Court’s verdict on AGR has provided a slight ray of hope for VIL, its liquidity position with EBITDA of INR69b of FY21 and current net debt of INR1.7t puts it in a precarious situation. VIL needs a huge amount of cash to service its debt, which leaves limited upside for equity holders. – reported Motilal Oswal.  

From 1,180.83 million subscribers in June, the number of wireless subscribers increased to 1,186.84 million. This accounts for monthly growth of 0.51%. Out of the entire 1,186.84 million wireless subscribers, 989.34 million were active in July. The Wireless Tele-density in India increased from 86.48% to 86.85%. Airtel holds the maximum proportion of 97.74% of VLR against the 19.8% minimum proportion of MTNL.  

The signers for wirelines heightened from 21.74 million to 22.61 million. The Wireline Tele-density in India increased from 1.59% to 1.65%.  

The number of telephone subscribers shows a monthly growth of 0.57%. It increased from 1,202.57 million to 1,209.45 million.   

As a whole, the telecom sector showed a good graph in July. Overall Tele-density increased from 88.07% at the end of June 2021 to 88.51% in July 2021. This seems to be a revival from the COVID hit

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