A new mutated season for Roadies across the nation


Club Roadies, developed in consultation with Work with Pleasant LLP as a one-of-a-kind experience and the eventual hub for the Roadies young generation to partake in their mutual impulses of dance, music, and adventure through world-class offerings, show premiered successfully at the Marriot Hotel in Jaipur and recent times at Elante Mall in Chandigarh.

Club Roadies Jaipur, a coffeehouse by day and a magnificent night-lounge location by night, boasts neon decor, a Roadies-themed activity zone, and a Roadies Bike, specifically designed by Rajput Formalities, leaders in the burgeoning custom motorbike market. Club Roadies Chandigarh is the appropriate balance of day and night partying, providing customers with an incredible food combination, an amicable mood, and a peaceful backdrop. Roadies Koffeehouz, a conjunction with Leapster Dining Pvt. Ltd., brings enthusiasts together as a collaborative to promote relaxation, driven by coffee products and exquisite cuisine comfort food.

Roadies KoffeeHouz in Mohali Phase 82 serves exotic coffee, including a bespoke blend of Gungegri estate Arabica and a Raspberry AA robusta. The Roadies organization personifies the inherent spirit of curiosity and travel, which influenced the blending. The Roadies atmosphere is complemented by comfortable VIP zones, a fully stocked bar, and concert Bike and Throne. The franchise will play around in a similar dynamic manner across Pune, Delhi, Mumbai, and Bangalore. Considering the success of its most project plans, it will deliver new Roadies-inspired adventures for fans of the indie sensation in cities also including Chandigarh, Patiala, Ludhiana, Ahmedabad, Goa, Pune, Mumbai, and Bangalore. This ambition echoes Viacom18 Commercial Products’ commitment to connecting fans and audiences deeper to their preferred version thru moments that are distinctive with the Roadies subculture.

Viacom18 Merchandise, a department of Nation’s leading titular media and entertainment behemoth, has disclosed intentions for a griddle development of its trailblazing Roadies series. Our mission at Viacom18 Commercial Products is to continue to introduce the fiction Roadies mash peculiarity to enthusiasts in an unprecedented way. Our experiment is carried have received an overwhelming good response. We are eager to rapidly support our multi-city operations with experience formats that translate into vivid and palpable consumer involvement, supported by ingenuity and non – obviousness. The raincoats given by MTV and assembled by the Yashlok Social protection Cornerstone are made by underrepresented elements of society such as jobseekers, women, people living in rural areas, and physically handicapped.

This neighborhood benefits from a sustainable source of job creation by creating these illuminating windbreakers for all the Mumbai Police.

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