Aakash Educational services reveal new logo post union with BYJU’S


Aakash Educational services are now part of the Byju’s, has revealed its new logo signifies the two brand names and a plus symbol. It represents their unity and collaboration. Also, the sign of the value added to the representative brands and as well as for customers.

This partnership brings the foremost trusted and largest education brands in India.

With overall 33 years of experience, Aakash Educational Services has created a strong and highly effective learning ecosystem that helped innumerable young aspirants get into the best institutions.

BYJU’S launched in 2015, a personalized learning program for school students in India. Over 80 million students are cumulatively learning from the app, moreover an annual rate of 86%, the app creates personalized learning programs for the individual students on their capabilities and proficiency levels.

The collaboration brings value to the scholars, leveraging BYJU’S tech prowess.

In April 2021, BYJU obtains AESL, initiate to a digitally-enabled, Omnichannel test preparation services company. Based on the strengths of BYJU’S, AESL was developing personalized learning programs and building the capabilities for both online and offline learnings.

Overall in 215+ centers, Aakash provides test preparatory services for the students who are preparing for medical, and engineering entrance exams, board exams, Olympiads, and all other foundation level exams. It created its excellence in integrated teaching methodology and learning environment.

This will be the biggest advantage for bringing the foremost innovative new programs together, integrating artificial intelligence, also machine learning kind of programs near to the students. Enabling the students to get better day by day and using technology to improve themselves. These are more beneficial for the students.

Almost, Every student and parent what to interact with the teacher face-to-face. But during the covid pandemic, the classes are done online even though they need physical interaction. At that, they launched the hybrid programs. So, if we have done this program with BYJU’S last year, it will be a great success. It will not only reach the students also at a very optimal cost. Because keeping an oversized portion online and some on physical education brings the price down and offers more advantages to the students.

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