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Most of the festivals celebrated in India has significance related to history. Durga Pooja is an annual five-day long festival celebrated for paying homage to goddess Durga. It is for celebrating the victory of Durga over Mahishasur. Dusshera is celebrated in the belief of Lord Rama’s victory over Ravana.

The widespread celebration mood during festival seasons made people spend more. People are willing to pay more than usual. People believe that the festival season is auspicious for getting new things into the home. The brands believe it is a golden opportunity to attract and connect with people. Brands showcase their products and services in festive advertising.

Jewellery brand Tanishq has unveiled their Durga Pooja special campaign ‘#ShaajByTanishq’. This is as a part of paying tribute to Devi Durga’s ‘Karigars’, who crafted stunning jewellery with tangled designs. Tanishq insists on us to ‘Adorn the festival of Adorness’.

 ‘Good always triumphs’, the message convinced by online portal Policy Bazar. The Dussehra show committee was not able to sell a single ticket. No single ticket was sold out for the Dussehra show. The evil character Ravan roams around the city and lends a helping hand to the needy in and around in simple and different ways. This was captured by someone and the video gets viral. Thus people qued up for getting a ticket and the show was houseful. Thus the happy ending of Dusshera story is repeated. Good wins over evil, the act of goodness is recognized.

 V-Guard, the consumer electronics company joined the festival campaign by installing gigantic maa Durga. It was erected in Deshapriya Park Puja Pandal in Kolkata. The installation was made up of V-Guard’s long-lasting wires as a tribute to the people of Kolkata.

Asian Paints centred the message with a film titled ‘Baarir Lok’, which means ‘people of the house. With this the message of taking care of ourselves and home convinced us. The pandemic made people recognise the home as their safest place. Durga Pooja made people come together and celebrate with their loved ones.

The advertising campaign ‘Things happen @ Chroma’ rolled out from Chroma. It picturised the humour that happed in the store. The change in lifestyle made people upgrade the existing devices and Chroma helps them in finding their right choice.

Festival seasons are the busiest time in India and every brand is trying to imprint its presence in people’s minds. Brands spend more than 25% of their annual ad budget during the festival seasons in various media. They are trying to create awareness, protection, and deeper relationships. 

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