AdForm launches a new product suite AdForm FLOW


Adform FLOW, the first independent multinational ad management company spanning all facets of the digital advertising lifecycle, launched the new product suite: Adform FLOW. Intuitively built to make it easier for marketers to schedule, order, and enable advertising, Adform FLOW provides all they need on one easy-to-use interface: DSP, DMP, SSP, DCO, and ad server. Via excellent customer interface and improved human/machine communication, Adform FLOW offers enhanced insight to improve market results.

Features shall include:

Seamless Customer interface, in all facets of campaign workflow and across all new media platforms. SaaS technology, which offers improved autonomy and flexibility; including a scalable and transparent API solution, along with the potential to control costs by licensing fees.

First-party identity-ready, privacy enforcement configuration, and the post-cookie world. Media neutrality, without control of media or records, and hence without dispute. Adform analysis, undertaken in collaboration with Dynata and surveying more than 1,000 marketers, reveals that almost three-quarters of modern marketers (74 percent) want a centralized dashboard to handle campaigns effectively, with top benefits listed as data optimization, cost-effectiveness, and power.

Now more than three years in the making and drawing on Adform’s two decades of success, Adform FLOW is business technology designed for digital marketing: autonomous and integrated, allowing marketers unparalleled power of their own data that they have not been able to understand by previous solutions. It is configurable, clear, and stable, allowing for smooth campaign management.

Digital marketers have long struggled with the inefficiencies posed by the multitude of Martech and ad tech technologies they implement, and today’s economic conditions make the quest toward productivity all the more urgent. Some businesses have worked in walled gardens; some have tried out best-of-breed technology and have put together point solutions that do not fit well together. Adform FLOW combines the complexity of a dynamic point solution set up, with the size, ease of use, and productivity of walled gardens. Adform is the first major, autonomous, and fully integrated content channel for digital marketing. Its specific business platform – Adform FLOW – brings superior customer interface and flexible, standardized, and transparent architecture to ensure the streamlined operation of the whole campaign lifecycle. It provides clients with improved oversight and accountability through their advertisement campaigns, including possession of all campaign results. Since 2002, Adform has been designing technologies to improve human/machine communication and provide improved knowledge, while amplifying market outcomes for its clients around the world.


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