AI trends that will capture the imagination in the new decade


Do you remember MP3 players, CDs, fax machines and digital cameras..?

In a few years time, many technologies and products have become obsolete and things are changing at a rapid pace around us. The average time-frame of tech disruption has significantly diminished in our present-age lives.

On the other hand, new-age technologies like Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML), Internet of Things (IoT), data analytics, content streaming, automation, robotics and 5G are growing in leaps and bounds to make our lives better.

Let us go through some of the top Artificial Intelligence trends that will explode in this decade which has just begun:

  • AI factories

Given all the abilities AI-powered tools can possibly do in enhancing business, organizations are investing more onto AI technologies.

Thus in 2020, global technology giants will massively invest in factories of AI models to facilitate enterprises with AI technology and associated commercial solutions on a large-scale.

  • Digital IQ

Digital Intelligence is defined as the measurement of how organizations understand its business processes and the content and data within them from a variety of critical perspectives. It involves understanding customers and how they’re using the website, mobile site or mobile app, and then use this data to optimize their experience. With the increasing adoption of automation techniques, Digital Analytics and Digital IQ are imbibed with the digital transformation initiatives.

  • Quantum computing

Quantum computers are unimaginably fast computers capable of solving seemingly unsolvable problems. This will help in ascending to a new level of computing from our current state-of-the-art technologies. As yet, quantum computing was only used in research labs, possibly in this decade; we could see the first commercially available quantum computer with high-quality computing platforms integrated with AI and cloud technologies.

  • AI monitoring Business processes

AI-powered tools enabled with Cognitive Automation and Process & Content Intelligence technologies can monitor and deal with natural language, reasoning, context, judgment and provides insights that can aid data-driven business processes. This will change the normalcy of the workplace in 2020.

In 2020 and beyond, AI will not only benefit big businesses but will be increasingly adopted by small business users across geographies. Enterprises will leverage robots and other easy-to-use automation tools available to facilitate their businesses. Surely, AI adoption and its associated trends will pivot, reshape and redefine the way we work and live but only to create better outcomes.

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