AIBrain; an innovation at its peak


Adaptive Interactive Cognitive Reasoning Engine developed by AIBrain (AICoRE).

From sensing, reasoning, discovering, planning, learning, remembering, and responding to completing various industrial operations like machine inspection, material movement, and predictive analysis, AICoRE fully automates the end-to-end reasoning process.

CMAP (Cognitive Multi-Agent Planner) is a system by AIBrain that deals with real-world problems while engaging with numerous humans. 

In addition, AIBrain serves  AI in the industrial sector with personal robots and conversational AI assistants. AIBrain has developed an Intelligent Robot Software Platform, which allows developers to build intelligent robots, IRSP.

IRSP from AIBrain is used to integrate robotics with AI  created the ‘General Conversational Agent,’ a natural language processing tool an NLP platform that can interpret and reply in a human-like fashion to human language. IRSP has excellent integration and intelligence support capabilities, and it can integrate both software and hardware components as long as they are developed to open standards.

When a device is inserted into a robot, IRSP detects its presence automatically. It also gives engineers a productive environment in which to create intelligent robots as rapidly as feasible.

AIBrain is a Palo Alto-based artificial intelligence start-up to boost human intelligence with AI models that use AI to improve the functionality of a variety of industries, particularly sports. With their own in-house AI models, their AI initiatives are on point to fulfil client satisfaction throughout the world. 

Sports AI, dubbed Sports AI Virtual Assistant (SAIVA) by AIBrain, is focused on the sports business, particularly football AI. It’s a partnership with Turing AI Cultures GmbH in Berlin, which is its sibling firm. One of the most widely used AI methodologies is to focus on robotics while also incorporating AI.

With two important features, Adaptive Interactive Cognitive Reasoning Engine (AICoRE) and a human-like memory known as a memory graph, AIBrain is known for offering power to its practical AI model agent. It aids in the efficient and effective automation of the reasoning process from beginning to conclusion.

AIBrain has released the Smartphone Robot AI model as a mobile robot platform to help people live in a more intelligent society.

SMILE, an intelligent game for youngsters, was also created gaining traction as a result of its use of conversational artificial intelligence to help children and young adults practice social and emotional learning skills.

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