AIoT: The milestones post pandemic


Pandemic is a huge game-changer, changing the whole scenario of how things are usually done. Pandemic comes without giving any early warnings and people when faced with a pandemic, tries to adapt to the ongoing situation.

With the widespread pandemic, news that creates great chaos is one of the main problems. Such news misguides common people and creates problems. Social media takes a good role in spreading such unreliable and non-authentic information. Authentic data analysis, Artificial Intelligence, and the Internet of Things (IoT) are highly effective responses that help to make informed decisions. 

Data analysis, Artificial Intelligence, and Internet of Things helps in providing data and unlocking responses by promoting remote collaboration, contactless transactions, automated process, and other human free processes by replacing manual processes. The time has come to move forward from the old-school approach of facing a pandemic and the old-school approach is the reason why many countries like the US are struggling to come out of the situation.

What the society needs are a data-driven and well-organized pandemic preparedness. China is one of the countries that has become a model for a well-organized preparedness and management for the pandemic. The country has been working to make the responses stronger and more improvised and as a result of the same, the country has out beaten the responses of most of the countries in testing, treating, quarantining, and contract tracing. 

China’s response in controlling the pandemic- Covid-19

Self-service screening tools are used in China to reduce the number of unnecessary hospital visits which reduces the chances of the spread. People consult doctors virtually and self-assessments are conducted. Tencent and Alibaba, the Silicon Valley players in the country are providing remote online healthcare programs. 

Volunteer teams assist in disinfections and delivery supplies as a part of the digital community management. The service includes the provision of health QR code to residents which enables the authority to detect people’s recent visits to pandemic epicenters and virus-related issues of health.

China has developed long-distance health assistance with the help of a 5G network which provides health assistance for those at far ends. Ultra-high-definition medical images are used to acquire better clarity. The collaboration of the Internet of Things (IoT) is used for manufacturing medical supplies such as PPEs, masks, and disinfectants. 

Responses of different countries to reduce the spread of Covid-19

Countries as a part of adapting themselves to the new normalcy, have taken various steps in reducing the impact of Covid-19. Installation of biosensing devises is one such step. Biosensing devises is a device that would identify the virus in the surroundings. The device helps to monitor the disease progression among a large group of people.

The innovation of Artificial Intelligence technologies has assisted the learnings about future pandemics. AI-driven predictive tools and AI-driven intelligence are some of the technologies that would guide people in predicting future pandemics.

Data analysis, AI, and IoT are powerful advancements in technology having the potential to uplift the world virtually.


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