Akshat Mohan Sharma joins EduBridge Learning


Akshat Mohan Sharma has been appointed as the Chief Product and Technology Officer of EduBridge, the top workforce development platform in India that assists students in securing jobs with prestigious corporations through training and other career-building activities. Akshat will be in charge of leading the company’s growth, placing a priority on R&D, developing new courses, etc. to the demands of the market. To define the strategic initiatives and the organization’s future road map, he will be directly answering to Girish Singhania, CEO of EduBridge.

Akshat was employed by ZEE5 as the Head of Product Innovation and Transformation before joining EduBridge. He has a track record of successfully managing technology, product, and data partnerships in the banking, media, healthcare, and education industries. As Head of Advanced Innovation & Technology at Viacom18, he was in charge of boosting product uptake from 0 to 200+ Million users (Voot).

Girish Singhania, CEO of EduBridge, commented on the new hire: “We are thrilled to appoint Akshat as Chief Product and Technology Officer. He will contribute and aid in elevating EduBridge thanks to his demonstrated commercial savvy and subject-matter knowledge.

A little more than 20 years of experience in product invention and planning the adoption of new goods across industries are brought to the table by Akshat. His primary responsibilities include the students’ overall career development, delivering a distinctive learning experience, and offering a solid, micro-services-led system, empowering both the learner and the trainer. He will also participate in planning how to align the EduBridge ecosystem with different phases of a learner’s professional development cycle. In addition to this, Akshat will head the team responsible for building AI-driven user funnels, which will involve streamlining segmentation with improved data taxonomy and establishing a conduit for constant data feedback. He will also help make the environment ready for new models, regions, and user kinds in the future.

Akshat Mohan Sharma, Chief Product and Technology Officer at EduBridge, gave a speech at the event and stated, “I am happy to be part of the ever-growing company EduBridge. With the help of the organization’s youthful and talented leadership, I am eager to explore new possibilities for the organization. I hope that my gift will contribute to the company’s expansion and help it reach new milestones.”

The timing of Akshat’s involvement at EduBridge is critical because the company has just begun its x to 10x journey and has just adopted expansion plans. Akshat, a leader in his field, would undoubtedly provide a lot of value and aid the firm in achieving its necessary height in the appropriate time frame and in a methodical way.

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