Amazon Brand Analytics: Make your sales via Amazon


For the last years, Amazon has been attempting to court more brands into its foundation. As a major aspect of this exertion, they have made a portion of their most useful assets for transformation and detailing accessible explicitly to those dealers who take an interest in the Amazon Brand Registry program.

Brand Registry is a program just accessible to mark proprietors with a live trademark. It permits access to extraordinary projects like A+ Content, Sponsored Brand Advertising, and apparatuses to help secure their licensed innovation. One of the amazing, yet regularly missed, highlights of Brand Registry is the Brand Analytics and Brand Dashboard.

Amazon Brand Analytics is an advantage of Brand Registry for both Seller Central and Vendor Central. It is one of the handiest and best highlights that Amazon has ever discharged. It is skilled to give significant bits of knowledge. This component contains important bits of knowledge to enable brand owners to make informed, vital choices about their item portfolio and promoting/advertising activities. The information given in Brand Analytics is a blend of brand-explicit and Amazon-wide information.

 Amazon incorporates data, for example, information on

  • The most popular search terms.
  • The most clicked product for each search term.
  • Customer demographics.
  • Customer behavior.

How do you access Brand Analytics?

Brand Analytics will naturally show up in your Amazon account once you have enlisted with Brand Registry.

 The Amazon Search Terms report is a useful asset to distinguish:

  • Extra keyword phrases.
  • The prominence of specific search terms.
  • Precisely which items are the most clicked for each search term.

This report is an unimaginably incredible asset that can assist you with your keyword research and to see which of your rivals is getting the most first taps on page one. While not as vigorous as devices that are intended for keyword research like Helium10 and MerchantWords, this report can assist you with producing extra keywords for you to focus on your posting and your promoting.

It causes us to recognize how clients are finding your items just as your rivals’ items on Amazon. You can look into a particular term to see the items that Amazon clients are tapping on in the wake of scanning for that term. You can likewise look for a particular item to discover which terms are driving Amazon clients to tap on that item.


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