AMFI signs four more cricketers to create awareness around mutual funds


Association of Mutual Funds in India is devoted to growing the Indian Mutual Fund Industry on professional, healthy, and ethical lines and to beautify and hold standards altogether areas to safeguarding and encouraging the interests of mutual funds and their unitholders. it’s a related association of mutual funds across India and provides knowledge insights regarding mutual funds.

They have declared to take on 4 more cricketers, Rohit Sharma, Shikhar Dhawan, Jasprit Bumrah, and Shreyas Iyer for their new campaign. The campaign mainly aims at creating awareness amongst the youth and first-time mutual fund investors. The well-known cricketers will also help in bringing out more investors to the platform and their huge fanbase will play a vital role in creating a huge number of investors in mutual funds.

AMFI’s inclusive commitment with cricket icons and younger players could assist in communicating the importance of longer-term investing through mutual funds for retirement, making an investment in mutual funds through the low-cost exchange-traded fund route, mentoring investors about monitoring mutual fund performance, and also risks associated with investing in mutual funds.

AMFI would also be the Associate Sponsor to the Indian Premier League 2020 on Star Sports and Disney+Hotstar which is scheduled to start from September 19, 2020, in UAE.

“Relationship of mutual funds in India’s connection with four Cricketers will help to pressure a tough match between Investment strategies and the cricket gameplay. Beginning early and sticking around, staying invested for longer-term, accumulation at a gentle pace leading to larger returns, and seeking professional advice, would help in longer-term wealth creation, paying rich dividends over time, like it would help to win cricket matches.

On behalf of the mutual fund industry, AMFI cherish SEBI’s indication for taking a thoughtful view on permitting the commitment of celebrities, at the industry level.” NS Venkatesh, chief executive, AMFI, said.

“The campaign is a booster, clarifying mutual funds, particularly making mindfulness about mutual funds to a more youthful and fresher arrangement of investors the nation over, and help to place in context, the significance, and utility of mutual funds for longer-term riches creation.” Nilesh Shah, chairman, AMFI, said.


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