Increasing brand engagement

67 uses artificial intelligence to help brands communicate with consumers on chat and social media.

Using With a booming e-commerce market, businesses’ and brands’ online presence is at an all-time high. Brands use several social media channels to communicate with consumers and respond to their questions and interests. Customer-generated content about the company is handled by dedicated social media teams. provides proprietary AI products and services capable of contextually understanding and reacting to customers to allow them to do it at scale, save money, and shorten the time it takes to do it.

 When it comes to product exploration, chat has become a must-have marketing investment for brands to communicate with customers. “AI has enormous prospects for assisting brands in capturing and retaining consumers. If a brand can reach out to its clients and tourists before their interest is lost, it makes a huge difference. . A simple instant message in their inbox will go a long way in such situations,” Walia explains. The company’s chat service solves the same problem. The use case goes beyond retail to include a variety of other promotions, market sectors, and SMS as an additional mode of consumer targeting.

Brands benefit from streamlining their social media with civil interactions, in addition to the financial benefits provided by the offerings.

The startup’s real challenge will be matching brand criteria with freedom of speech and prejudice. “It’s a work in progress. We occasionally have to decide if brand standards restrict customers’ freedom of expression in public spaces and pass the information on to the system. Additionally, there are unintended prejudices that come through depending on who writes the codes, which may appear at any time,” Walia explains.

The organization is actively attempting to add a human touch to its AI products to avoid these obstacles during the production stages. SV Angel and Costanoa Ventures contributed $3 million to the startup’s seed round, and it now employs 25 people in India, with plans to expand to other countries in 2021.

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