Are damages caused during riots covered under your Motor Insurance Policy?

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There is a doubt that every customer has when their motor vehicle gets damaged in a riot. Can they claim compensation from the insurer if the insured vehicle is damaged? The damages that might happen to vehicles fall under categories like body damages, engine complaints, damage to the windshield, sometimes the whole vehicle could be burnt to ashes, losses by heavy stone-pelting or malignant damages to the vehicle body mostly due to breakage, etc.

The damage of vehicle or vehicle body due to riots could be covered under a comprehensive vehicle insurance policy according to their policy wordings. The policyholder needs document proof of the riot-like a police FIR and/or newspaper cutting or if the event has been covered by media. Also, there should not be criminal charges against the insured for the same event. The insurance company would also pay for the death of or bodily injury to any person including occupants present/carried in insured vehicle or damages to property other than property belongings.

Claims are paid under the comprehensive insurance policy- Reasons 

The two types of comprehensive motor insurance policies are ‘Own damage (OD) cover’ and third-party insurance cover. If the policyholder has a comprehensive insurance policy and the vehicle is damaged due to riots then it is covered under the OD section. In the case of third-party (TP) insurance, it protects the policyholder from claims made by a third party. Third-party insurance is covered when the policyholder’s vehicle is damaged by the third-party property of life. The legal liability for bodily injury, damage, and death to the third- party property while using the policy holder’s vehicle is covered under the TP section.

Extend of claims, in case of vehicle damage due to riots

The reimbursement amount of damage cost at the time of claim depends on various factors. The claim amount depends on the repair cost and the amount is covered up to the Insurance Declared Value (IDV) as per the policy. In the case of a total loss of the vehicle, the claim amount will depend on the Insured Declared Value (IDV) policy. For any purposeful action by the policyholder to cause vehicle damage is not covered under the policy and the claim is not payable.

Intimation of losses and claim settlement

The policyholder should immediately inform the insurance company about the damage that has happened. If the policyholder also got injured, he/she can intimate the insurer later. There is also an arrangement for condoning the delay of intimation. The insurers grant a specific time for policyholders to intimate, initiate, and file the claim. 

The documents required to claim arising due to riots are as follows;

  • Duly filled claim form
  • Copy of insurance policy
  • FIR (First Investigation Report/ Final Investigation Report)
  • Survey/Assessment Report 
  • Original Bills of Repairs
  • Newspaper cuttings of the riot that has been reported.


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