Are you taking the right oil?

Yash & Radhika in Freedom Refined Sunflower oil TVC

Only purchase your trusted standard edible oil brand & stay safe

According to the latest data, each Indian consumed around 16 kg of edible oil every year on an average. This amounts to the aggregate demand of around 26 million tons of edible oils per year. The edible oil sector is facing a lot of problems a lot of frivolous companies have launched cheap quality adulterated (blended) oils and selling it in the disguise of pure oil. It’s a very unhealthy & unsafe situation for the consumers as the products are comprised and not safe for consumption.

India mostly imports sunflower oil from Ukraine and Argentina. Due to a shortage of supply, the Global price for Sunflower oil has increased above 50%, As a result, all standard brands are available above 150, which is likely to go up to Rs.170/-. Even the government, to support and encourage farmers to cultivate edible oil crops, is not changing the duty structure to ease the situation. Taking advantage of the circumstances, some operators are providing adulterated Sunflower oil at cheaper rates. This might be harmful to the customer’s health. The customers need to BEWARE and stick to the standard brands of Sunflower Oil they have been using as they maintain strict quality checks and quantity of oil provided.

According to Mr. P. Chandra Shekhara Reddy, Vice President, Sales & Marketing, Freedom Healthy Cooking Oils said, “Freedom Healthy Cooking Oils undergo 100 periodic and 24 batch level quality checks to ensure quality assurance and maintain your trust. In these times you should continue to choose the brand you have trusted for many years and not be influenced by brands claiming to be sunflower oil and selling it cheaper”.

As Sunflower Oil prices have increased, consumers can explore the option of adding Rice Bran Oil to their choice of oils. Rice bran oil is gaining popularity amongst urban consumers, as it is known to reduce the risk of heart diseases and type 2 diabetes. Rice Bran Oil is an ideal cooking oil due to its balanced SFA, PUFA & MUFA profile. It is also rich in vitamins and antioxidants like Oryzanol, helping you stay heart healthy. Freedom Rice Bran oil has 10000+ ppm Oryzanol. In the present times, it is also available at a price lower than other ‘healthy oils’ like olive, sunflower, etc. As most of the rice bran oil is sourced locally, it will help take care of your health. The consumers need to make the right choice & select safe and good quality oils from reputed brands


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