Asian Paints’ #ColourForEveryWood campaign


Asian Paints Limited, an Indian multinational paint company engaged in the business of distribution, manufacturing, and selling of paints, is unveiling a series of enjoyable visual films to introduce the Wood Paints Luxury PU Palette Collection through their #ColourForEveryWood campaign.

The videos, conceptualized and executed by its social media firm Kinnect, exemplify the aesthetic use of the newest wood painting offering from Asian Paints and showcase the need for wooden furniture’s timeless consistency but with a refreshing new color coat!

Home interiors change over time, and wood is one of the traditional and most widely used construction material in the home décor, there is still a feeling attached to a piece. But it does not deter us from playing with colors on the same old wood, giving the rooms and decor an immediate uplift. Asian Paints is pioneering the launch of the Premium PU Palette Range of Wood Paints. In addition to a wide variety of colors for wooden furniture and surfaces everywhere at home, the package incorporates a premium, smooth finish: kitchen, dining room, bedroom, toilet, and more.

Asian Paints, to launch a new line of wood paints, under the campaign #ColourForEveryWood they released a series of digital films. The films emphasize main rooms, color schemes, and various styles of wood furniture at home that can be revamped with Asian Paints’ wood paints to look eternal. The colored wood furniture itself adds fun and creates a keen interest throughout the film. It also stresses the use of wood paints by cute caricatures by imagining a wonderful situation where various pieces of furniture communicate with each other. Its characters personify flaws and incidents that usually exist during human encounters, weaving enjoyment, and relatability into the films.

The campaign also abandoned brief 30-second edits, snackable 15-second Instagram Stories, YouTube bumpers and leveraged Instagram Reels to make it a 360-degree multimedia launch.


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