ASUS brings more value to IoT devices with Innodisk


ASUS one of the most admired company and the manufacturer of products for a smart life. ASUS as its corporate slogan says is inspiring innovation and persist perfection to IoT device management with their new strategic partnership with the revolutionary Innodisk corporation.

ASUS PE200U and PE200S are edge computers that are equipped with Innodisk’s latest flash storage InnoAGE SSD with out-of-band management. This out-of-band signaling with a cloud maintenance platform enables devices to be overseen from anywhere and from any device. The new partnership will let their customers, experience better device management.

Innodisk was found in 2005 and was growing and learning in all ways possible. Innodisk, a leading service provider in the storage market roll out flash storage, DRAM modules, SSD, and embedded peripherals. Innodisk with an intense emphasis on Research and development has consistently delivered innovative and unique products with multiple patents in the storage market.

It is estimated to have 500 billion or more IoT devices around 2030. To manage and maintain these many smart devices is close to impossible without efficient device management. This is made possible with the new partnership. The new out-of-band signaling technology of InnoAGE SSD along with ASUS IoT Cloud Console enables device managers to remotely manage their IoT devices. This enables devices that have severe issues like data corruption and operating system failure to be recovered remotely. SSD or solid-state drive, store data with help of flash memory.

The collaboration of Innodisk and ASUS is a perfect instance for the growing IoT ecosystem. Both firms can now bring more value to their customers. The Innodisk with its latest technology and ASUS is one of the best edge computing solutions, both can drive business to a higher level. The maintenance and management of an AIoT device are much easier than before as the power and flexibility of ASUS along with InnoAGE’S With out-of-band management.

Having or being a part of an ecosystem is better as it enables industries and firms to grow by helping other industries and firms. And Innodisk and ASUS are one among them which can now provide more valuable services to its customers.


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