Audible launches 100+ exciting free audiobooks on Alexa


Audible (an Amazon subsidiary and a prominent global producer of spoken-word entertainment) has introduced over 100 audiobooks on Alexa, which can be accessed on the Amazon Echo and Fire TV line, as well as other Alexa-enabled devices, to make the audio experience more accessible to even more listeners. In the months ahead, several more films will be added to this collection.

This new Alexa feature allows consumers to have a hands-free experience while moving from one device to another, allowing them to pick up where they left off on one platform, such as an Android/iOS app, and continue seamlessly on another Alexa device.

“Alexa, what’s free from Audible?” is all it takes. “Alexa, Audible?” in English or “Alexa, Audible?” Customers will be directed to Audible’s list of available Hindi titles via Alexa. Users may also say “Alexa, Read name of audiobook” or “Alexa, [book title]” to listen to a specific title included in this offering.

Customers may pick from a variety of English audiobooks, including:

Arthur Conan Doyle’s collection of Sherlock Holmes cases includes: This collection of Holmes’ most difficult cases is a must-have for all Holmes fans, and includes stories about deception and violent criminal thrillers such as “A Scandal in Bohemia” and “Man with a Twisted Lip.”

Charles Dickens’s novel A Tale of Two Cities: Is one of Charles Dickens’ most thrilling works, and it examines human sorrow and sacrifice, intimate experience, and public history during the French Revolution.

The Whole Package R.P. Jain’s Chanakya Neeti (in English): Chanakya Neeti is a dissertation on the perfect way of life that demonstrates Chanakya’s in-depth knowledge of Indian culture.

Proyashi Barua authored The Mystic Sinners: The narrative of Maya and Kamakshi as they suffer at the hands of a tantric is told in this mystery thriller.

Tanushree Podder’s novel On the Double: A delightful story of friendship and coming-of-age, in which young guys with big goals stand on the verge of something big, ready to take on their destiny as nation’s sentinels.

Customers may get free Hindi audiobook titles by just requesting “Alexa, read [book-title] from Audible.”

“Audible and Alexa have partnered together to enrich the experience for consumers and have introduced some of the most-loved stories to Alexa users since 2020,” said Shailesh Sawlani, Country Head, Audible India. We are kicking things up a level by offering a selection of 100+ free audiobook titles in Hindi and English on Alexa devices, to make the Audible Making the experience free helps make it more accessible to more listeners.

“We intend to continue to engage our clients by introducing many more such imaginative Alexa offers in the future,” Sawlani added.

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