Banks Using Blockchain technology


JP Morgan  

JP Morgan is one of the famous banks on the planet that began trading digital money once again as a blockchain between two gatherings in 2019. It was fruitful in a preliminary model of a model digital money known as JPM coin for moving global B2B installments. One JPM coin addresses one US dollar and clients can send cash to another bank over blockchain and immediately recover the same sum in the US dollar.

Citi Bank 

Citi Bank is keen on taking an action in the moving digital currency market to offer cryptographic money administrations to its customers. The authority declaration will be done in the wake of believing in its capacity to assemble a cryptographic money stage for top-of-the-line customers just as a flood in customer premium in digital currency. The blockchain biological system is new to oblige different players under one banner. 

Morgan Stanley 

Morgan Stanley has as of late declared that it will dispatch admittance to three subsidiaries that permit responsibility for its most affluent customers who have at least US$2 million resources in the firm. It is the principal ever enormous US bank to offer Bitcoin assets to the richest customers. Morgan Stanley acquired the primary enormous committed speculation of the cryptographic money market by co-driving the US$48 million venture with an advanced protection stage, Securitize. 

Mark Bank 

Mark Bank, is another well-known bank situated in the US that dispatched blockchain-based installment in 2018 after endorsement from the New York State controllers. The modernized digital currency framework has permitted clients to send dollar installments continuously with no exchange charge. However, one of the conditions to protect installments with blockchain is that these corporate clients need to have US$250,000 in their records. The cryptographic money installment organization of Signature Bank used a stable coin fixed to a dollar running on the Ethereum blockchain.

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