Beyond Banking by Equitas Small Finance Bank


Equitas Small Finance Bank is one of India’s largest small finance banks reorganizes itself into an institution that believes firmly in advancing ‘Beyond Banking’ for positively influencing the well-being of the economy and making sure that the deserving segments of the community reap the benefits.

Addressing the heart and mind of the people, Equitas needs to go all out on its strategy through the beyond banking scheme. The beyond banking initiatives include a 7%* interest on the Savings Account, free fund transfers, no maintenance charges, rewards, etc., for creating a better society together, addressing the heart of all the concerns. The customers are always made to feel that the money they invest in the bank, works towards building stronger communities and changing their lives.

The bank invests about 5% of the net profit that it acquires from the community through social initiatives and lends to those businesses that are making a positive impact on society and its people. A video unveiled on the 5th Anniversary of the bank shows the journey of the money and the positive change it makes to the community. The moments are beautifully captured in the video.

Creating and returning value to their customers and their communities, there can be great prosperity for all, is what Equitas firmly believes. The association with sports stars such as Smriti Mandhana and Rani Rampal as their brand ambassadors is a strategy to build the brand because it united every Indian irrespective of diversity. The word “Champion”, which we intend to use many times has a meaning that not only the players, but every single person who is connected with us, have a positive change to make.

Since its inception as a Microfinance institution in 2017, Equitas has always been an active member making money work towards a positive change, enabling the lives of millions through micro-lending. Individuals, families, businesses, and communities have been transformed into seamless banking and beyond banking initiatives over this period of 5 years.

Providing quality education to over 5,500 students, Rehabilitation for over 2,100 pavement dwellers, employment to over 2 Lakh people, skill training to around 5,70,000 women, and health beneficiaries to over 63,70,000 people over the years. Touching the hearts and souls of the customers, innovating them to take responsible choices, and making a difference in their lives is the collective objective of the banking sector.

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