BPCL launches ‘Jeet Ka Padak’ campaign


Bharat Petroleum Corporation Limited has a history of supporting sports and sportsmen for ages and has now launched this campaign to show its support towards the athletes participating in the Tokyo Olympics. Seven BPCL employees will also be representing the nation at the international games this year.

The ‘Jeet Ka Padak’ is a series of campaigns. One of the campaigns in this series is called ‘Humans of Bharat Petroleum’ wherein the company showcases the growth of its employees on social media platforms. Some other components of this campaign are the Trivia Quiz, sharing inspiring stories of players, videos on archery and hockey, on-ground activities such as – photo booths at petrol stations.

Abbas Akhtar, Chief General Manager of BPL commented on how he feels about this campaign, he said: “Since Olympic Games are watched by an incredibly broad range of people. Not just men, or sports fans, but basically everyone. The sense of nationality that the Olympics fosters is what turns the Games into a worldwide phenomenon.  Therefore, BPCL has lined up series of campaigns to take the brand to people during Olympics under the title ‘Jeet Ka Padak’,”

This campaign was launched via a YouTube video which was released on the 20th of July. The video included wishes for the Indian sportspersons participating in Tokyo Olympics. BPCL inducted around 250 sportspersons across various disciplines in the past decade, supporting them throughout the process of the games. Out of the sixty-four athletes who are still active, seven of them will be representing the nation this year at Tokyo Olympics. These seven being Deepika Kumari and Atanu Das for Indian Archery, Lalit Upadhyay, Harmanpreet Singh, Vivek Sagar Prasad, Varun Kumar, and Virendra Lakra will represent as a part of the men’s hockey team.

Many of these athletes had to overcome financial obstacles in which BPCL helped to a very large extent but still it was not very easy to keep going and to keep continuing the hard work because of the entire world’s condition since last two years as of the Corona Virus spread. Yet, all these names mentioned above showed strength, resilience and, determination to achieve their goals.

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