Bridge7 Startup using AI for Improving Cancer Treatment


As technology is emerging, artificial intelligence is changing the industries and its applications have become more widespread each day. Launched with the help of U of T early-stage technology program Bridge 7 which is a startup using AI for improving the quality, efficiency, and consistency for the cancer treatments.

Earlier on August 19 Bridge 7 has announced as one of the nine startups selected for the inaugural cohort of Canada’s google for the startup’s accelerator. Also, the tech giant’s global accelerator program has helped the foster companies which focus on local issues and help them to address these specific markets by giving them access to these google’s resources.

Bridge7 uses AI for accelerating the triaging treatment plan process, especially for cancer patients. Also, digital protocols are the machine learning model that uses algorithms for acquiring important features of certain cases. These attributes are mainly used for defining and shaping the type of treatment that is given for the patients.

Also the clinical confirms that when a patient’s treatment plan agrees with the clinical standard it is based on the model and it helps in correcting and discovering any error easily and also quickly. Proper triage is very important since when there is a large number of patients with different degrees of illness or with cancer of different stages.

Also the researchers from the university of the health network, Purdie and McIntosh developed and deployed the technology in actual hospitals, and Bridge7’s work is now been recognized and it is mostly used in hospitals all around the world. Purdie also stated that they were able to collaborate and engage with clinical and technical experts for more research and also to increase patient care.

Bridge7 is focusing more on large customers for the future with the main aim of further spreading the knowledge and also making a difference, especially patient care. Already within a short period, it is already taking full advantage of the new incubator’s resources. Purdie also stated that the program is a great fit for them to take advantage of machine learning. cloud, expertise, healthcare APIs, and for deploying strategies.


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