CarDekho unveils latest TVC with Akshay Kumar


CarDekho, with Akshay Kumar, introduced a new TVC. The TVC demonstrates the best way to sell a used car from anywhere in the home or office to CarDekho Gaadi. The company has unveiled its ‘Karo India Forward, Karo Gaadi Forward’ campaign this festive season with Rahul Dravid, Mahesh Babu, and Akshay Kumar, the newest celebrity to join the campaign.

The TVC demonstrates how an entrepreneur (Akshay Kumar) finds a new way to run his company, ensuring his employees’ job security and safety. The film focuses on a family-owned Irani Café that, with no customers and no profits, is hard hit by the pandemic. As they risk losing their jobs, the owner sees the dropping morale of his workers. He sells his car on CarDekho Gaadi and uses the cash to buy delivery scooters. He hits on a win-win solution. Thus, by being able to start home delivery, his company moves forward, and his wait staff gets to secure their jobs by being the delivery guys.

The business has seen an increase in consumer interest in purchasing and selling their vehicles in recent months. In its new campaign, the festival season has offered people an opportunity to rejoice and move forward in life, reflected by the company. As more and more consumers opt for personal mobility options over public mobility, the CarDekho Gaadi Pre-owned car company has seen a big leap.

CarDekho has effectively digitized India’s auto ecosystem and is actively pursuing its vision of owning the personal mobility space by assisting customers during their entire journey of buying, owning, and selling vehicles.

Leo Burnett produced the advertisement, and it will be shown on national and regional television outlets and digital publications.

 Mr. Gaurav Mehta, CarDekho’s Chief Marketing Officer, commented,” our campaign aims to highlight CarDekho Gaadi ‘s convenience in helping people sell their cars from the comfort of their home or anywhere else. One of the most prominent faces of the country’s cinema industry is Akshay Kumar. His hardworking personality suits well with the honesty and authenticity of the CarDekho brand. Also, committed to making the world a better place, he genuinely reflects the ideas of CarDekho and will carry us forward as a trusted brand on which the nation can rely.

Akshay Kumar speaking about his association with CarDekho, said,  “I am delighted to be associated with CarDekho, a brand that works vigorously to redefine the country’s entire auto ecosystem and personal mobility space.” CarDekho Gaadi is an excellent company aimed at alleviating the complicated process of selling used vehicles to consumers.


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