The Silent Diwali film from Tata Motors


The ‘Silent Diwali Film’ was rolled out by Tata Motors, encouraging viewers to celebrate with their loved ones a silent, safe, and pollution-free Diwali. The video’s goal is to encourage viewers to protect the environment by opting for a solution for electric mobility as a step towards building India’s sustainable future. Highlighting one of the significant characteristics of an electric vehicle, i.e., reducing noise emissions, this film draws attention to the underlying message:’ the quietest would be the loudest comment.’

A young girl giggling at the excitement of being able to light a firecracker starts the video. On the other side, though pots of flowers erupt into thin air, the second scene cuts to the chakras of nature spinning, highlighting that nature experiences the repercussions of human behavior such as bursting firecrackers pollute the world around us.

The final scene shows footage of India’s best-selling electric car, the Nexon EV, among all the noise seen in the video, as it drives quietly with only a ‘soft hum’ without adding to its surroundings with any noise. The sound of the bursting crackers is replaced by the sounds of nature, a significant point to remember in this video.

Tata Motors has consistently catered to the changing electric car needs of customers, and the Nexon EV is a testament to that. The Nexon EV has created a unique benchmark in its category, engineered to deliver an exciting and connected driving experience with zero emissions and at an affordable price. The company recently launched a novel EV Subscription model to popularise access and use of Nexon EV in India, suitable for consumers who choose ‘usership’ over ownership in the rapidly increasing age of the sharing economy.

As part of the ‘Safe Kerala’ program, the Kerala Motor Vehicle Department leased 65 Nexon EVs from Energy Efficiency Services Ltd for eight years through its own Agency for New and Clean Energy Research and Technology (Anert). They have already delivered the first batch of 45 Nexon EVs.

‘Safe Kerala’ is a program that focuses on improving road safety by reducing traffic offenses and holistically addressing all relevant aspects by means such as proper driver training, providing safe roads, increasing awareness among pedestrians, and ensuring successful vehicle traffic management.


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